Glee Age Play Rec List

Different Kind of Family {Faberry/Faberrittana}

  • Rachel and Quinn get stranded alone on Rachel’s 18th birthday. Each wants to give the other a special gift. Quinn needs a daughter and Rachel needs a mommy. (In Progress)

Baby Berry {Faberry}

  • A desperate encounter in the school bathroom starts and interesting relationship and reveals a secret Quinn Fabray has been hiding. (In Progress)

Family Matters {Faberrittana}

  • An acting assignment finds the four girls diving head first into the kink known as ‘age play’, and what starts out as a weekend only experiment soon becomes an integral part of their everyday lives. {WARNING: Girl!Peen}

Friday [Part Two] {Faberry}

  • Rachel and Quinn accidentally stumble upon something that neither girl is expecting. Baby!Quinnie/Mommy!Rachel.

{I feel like there is another, I’ll add it if I find it.}

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