> Friday (Glee ageplay fanfiction)

If you like Glee and age play Read this it is unbelievable. Read it and love it forever like I do… go go go!


" “That was so good, Quinnie.  You’re such a good girl,” the words were out of her mouth before she knew what she was saying, but it was obviously just what Quinn needed to hear.  She brightened visibly, smiling as she slipped a thumb into her mouth.  Their encounter had triggered something in her, obviously, some deep-seated need for love and approval and affection, and Rachel didn’t want the moment to end.  She reached out and pulled Quinn’s thumb from her mouth.

“No sucking thumbs,” she scolded.  “You’re too old for that.”

“I sorry,” Quinn’s vocabulary seemed to be regressing as well.  “I have another treat?”

“What would you like, Quinnie?””

Part Two

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